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Tres Palmeiras

In Tavira in the Algarve in Portugal we had lunch at restaurant Tres Palmeiras. a restaurant that’s all about grilled fish. Basically it’s a huge grill with some tables to sit and eat.

When you arrive and all tables are full (which is often the case) you need to write your name on the blackboard. As soon as a table is free you get seated. This can also be on a communal table. As you are seated you can order your drinks. Bread, salad and potatoes come automatically.

When a batch of fish is ready they walk up to your table with the fish, and when you like that one you will get it served. Every time you take a fish they put a mark on the paper tablecloth. When you ask for the bill, they simply tear off that piece of tablecloth and count the marks.

Don’t expect anything fancy. It’s just incredible fresh fish (whatever is caught the night before) that’s grilled. With some simple bread and salad. And the price is surprisingly low. For two people we paid around 25 euro, including a glass of wine each.

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