Streetart in Shoreditch - August roundup - @hvandenbergh
Streetart in Shoreditch, August 2016 roundup
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Streetart in Shoreditch – August roundup

Every time you walk through Shoreditch, London you see some new street art. I try to do a quick round every time I am in London. Which is every 4 – 6 weeks. And it amazes me how quickly the street art scene is changing.

Now with all the construction work going on some of the activity has gone from walls to the boarding of construction areas. So by the time all of Shoreditch is ‘eaten’ ┬áby the city there won’t be much art in the streets. But for now we can still enjoy it.

Below some of the works I came across in August 2016 (and didn’t cover earlier)

IMG_3531 IMG_3533 IMG_3538 IMG_3540 IMG_3543 IMG_3546 IMG_3555 IMG_3558 IMG_3560

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