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Pigneto 1870, Pigneto, restaurant, Rome
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Pigneto 1870

Traditional Italian cooking is great. There are so many dishes, and the country is full of amazing ingredients from fish to pasta and from meat to cheese and vegetables.

But sometimes I have the feeling that Italian cuisine is so good that people hardly dare to change it. As if innovation would kill the original brilliant ideas. And every now and then you want to be surprised. Not with a traditional dish done perfect. But with something that’s done differently.

Pigneto 1870 is a restaurant that dares to innovate. We had a dish of bacalao and tomato jam with wafers. And a cauliflower mousse with puntarella, sweetbread and nduja. All done very Italian, but with a twist. And that’s what I like. Making the perfect Italian cuisine even better.

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