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Moro in Exmouth Market

I first heard about Moro many years ago when they had just published their first book. It was a book I always liked very much. As they published more books since I have bought them all. And still cook regularly from their books.

It was only when I ended up visiting London very frequently I got to eat in their restaurant. Not all restaurants are enjoyable when eating out alone on a business trip. But Moro is a clear exception. Eating at their huge bar is a real pleasure.

By now I have eaten more than 20 times in their restaurant. Their menu changes very regular, especially the starters are new every month or so. So I always end up eating different starters. And as they are all very seasonable, I often end up copying their dishes when back home in the weekend. And when not travelling I regularly check their weekly menu for inspiration

Sam & Sam Clark, the owners of Moro, and the writers of the books do run 2 other restaurants. Both are called Morito, one is also in Exmouth Market like Moro, the other in Hoxton. Morito is very nice too, but for eating out on your own nothing beats Moro.

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