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La Gatta Mangiona

There are so many pizza restaurants in Rome. And many prepare a pretty good pizza. But there are a number of excellent pizza restaurants that absolutely stand out.

One of the places you will find in every pizza top 10 in Rome is “La Gatta Mangiona’ by Giancarlo Casa. Even though it is a bit remote from the city center (Tram 8 from Argentina takes you there in 30 minutes) it seems to be completely booked every day. And with a reason. Not only do they make a great pizza, with a very tasteful dough. They also dare to experiment with very special combinations.

As it was the season for Puntarella they had a very nice pizza with Puntarella, anchovies and garlic. Making a classic seasonal starter into a great pizza.

More info on this pizza restaurant can be found here

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