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Joe & The Juice

Does a restaurant need to be completely independent to be good? Or can a chain be good too? Although I like small, independent restaurants & cafés, there are a few exceptions like Prêt a Manger and Itsu in the UK. And Joe & The Juice is another one I like a lot.

Joe & The Juice started as an independent shop in Copenhagen in 2002. And now they have shops in 70 locations all over the world including London & New York. Their way of recruiting staff is very special. As you can see on their website, these are real ‘castings’

I first came across them at Copenhagen Airport. This week I had lunch at their place in Stockholm, and I really like the sandwiches and the juices they serve. Everything is freshly made, nothing is prepackaged. A clear example a chain can be good, as long as you focus on great products, a good vibe and friendly staff.



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