Is Brixton the new hip London? - @hvandenbergh
Brixton, the new hip London?
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Is Brixton the new hip London?

When you think Shoreditch is too hipster. Or already too much gentrified. Or too much part of The City. Then Brixton is the place for you. It’s colourful, it’s authentic. It’s real. It’s a bit further away from the city center, four stops on the Victoria tube from Victoria station. But worth the trip.

The market is full of exotic ingredients.  And Pop Brixton is the sea container pop-up area that has the vibe that Boxpark Shoreditch always had. A great area with a great atmosphere.

Don’t take me wrong. I love Shoreditch. It’s still my favorite part of London. Every stay in London I try to spend some time there. But you see it’s slowly being eaten by The City. So I am enjoying it now, but it will be different some years from now. And then Brixton could very well be the Shoreditch successor.


The entrance of the Brixton tube has some impressive art from Mark Titchener


The streetart of James Cochran (AKAJimmyC) has been in Brixton for some years already. But has become a monument after the death of David Bowie.


Pop Brixton has a great choice of food. A great place to spend some time on a sunny afternoon


During the Olympics you could play soccer while watching the games


A good choice of exotic ingredients

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