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Good and Proper tea

After the new wave of coffee, we are now seeing tea going to the same process. With a lot more attention for the quality of tea. As a result, more and more we see loose leaf tea replace the teabags. And that’s a good thing. There is so much difference between making a proper tea of high quality leaves and hanging a big in a cup of water.

At home I make my tea in a Crusio teamaker, a fantastic device for brewing loose leaf tea and a Solis kettle that can take water to temperatures between 80 degrees Celsius for green tea, up to 100 for most black tea. And using that I have learned the enormous difference high quality tea, made at the right temperature and suing the right timing can make.

When you buy good tea, you will find instructions on time & temperature. I buy my tea from Crusio in Netherlands or Postcard teas in London. Both have perfect teas, especially when made using their instructions on temperature and brewing time.

This week I had a cup of tea at a fairly new place, Good & Proper tea in London. I was at their Old Street shop, there is also one in Leather Lane. What was new for me was the fully automated way of tea brewing. Depending on the tea you chose, the iPad regulated brewers will vary on time, temperature and some other factores. So this is really automated recipe based tea brewing.

I had a fantastic tea, of which I took a packet home to see if I can get the same result with it when brewing it at home.

Such an automated tea brewing machine is probably quit an investment for a restaurant or cafe. But the great thing is everybody who follows the instructions can brew a fantastic cup of tea.

I really hope with tea we will see the same as with coffee. A growing number of people that appreciate a great product (and are willing to pay a bit more for that) which will then increase the number of places where you can but a great cup.

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