Frankfurt's Bethmanpark - @hvandenbergh
A place that's different than most of us would expect from Frankfurt.
Bethmanpark, Berger strasse, Frankfurt, Bornheim, Chinese Garden
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Frankfurt’s Bethmanpark

Every city has these areas that do not comply with the general idea of the city. When I think of Frankfurt, the first that comes to mind is skyscrapers and the European Central Bank. And then maybe secondly the old areas of the innercity. But there is more.

My favourite area of Frankfurt is Bornheim, along the Berger Straße (Berger strasse) just outside of the central area. The people of Bornheim call the Berger Straße the “Bornheimer Zeil” to compare it with the luxury shopping area of central Frankfurt called Zeil. But the Berger Straße is very different. Expect a street of 2.9km length with a lot of small shops, bio markets, bars & restaurants. It’s a great street to stroll along and have a drink or eat a bite.

In this area you will also find a beautiful park called Bethmanpark. And although not the size of Hyde Park or Central Park, with 3.1 hectare it definitely is a green spot in a large city. With the atmosphere of a city park. At summer nights people will grab a beer and some food and relax on the grass. And when I walked through the park early morning, people where reading their newspaper and doing their yoga exercise.

Within the park you will find a walled Chinese garden. This garden was created in 1989 with tons of material from China. And built by Chinese experts. As the park was finished during the time of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, it was named “Garten des Himmlischen Friede” or “Garden of Heavenly Peace”, after Tiananmen Square.

When visiting Frankfurt, you can’t miss the skyscrapers. And off course you should see the beautiful old buildings in the “innenstadt” Crossing one of the bridges across the Mainz river is a must. But do spend a few hours in Bornheim and the Bethmanpark to see a different Frankfurt.














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