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Fanakapan is known for his 3D illusions, and it’s absolutely amazing how he is able to get these effects on the walls.

It’s difficult to find more information about who is Fanakapan. Most sources refer to “London based artist” or something alike. There is no website apart from his Instagram where the bio says:

Nostalgia on acid.. The First on Balloon/ inflatable style Graff realism. SprayPaint since 2000. Hc-pmt-TWFSL❇️..EFD 🙏🏽 for info

Looks like someone that wants the work to do the speaking. and the work is speaking. Every time I see it I am surprised by the ballon 3D effects.


Elephants, just off Brick Lane (Pedley street)


Co-production with Louis Masai for Meeting of Styles


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