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Domus Aurea, Rome,
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Domus Aurea

History is everywhere in Rome. On every corner you will see signs from the past. And it’s amazing to see the levels in history. Going down a few meter let’s you get down in history a few hundred years or more.

Apart from what is visible there is a huge amount of history still underground. A good example of that is the Domus Aurea, the old palace of Nero. The Domus Aurea is situated just across the Colosseum, hidden under a park.

We did a one hour tour (you can only visit it with a guide, tickets can be bought in advance here)

The size of the palace is amazing. It is a mix of original walls and walls added later to use the old palace as a foundation for the baths of Titus and the baths of Trajan. But you can still imagine how it was. The marble and gold has been removed in the past, and have been recycled for other ‘projects’ But a number of the frescoes are visible.

The tour is wel worth the time and money. Apart from the impressive site it also gives you a good insight into the challenges of preserving so much history. And the challenge for a city like Rome to build new works (you can imagine building the new Metro-C gets delayed because of all the things they come across under the city)

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