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Ceviche, my new food crush
ceviche, peruvian, peruvian food
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Ceviche, my new food crush

The Peruvian kitchen has become very popular in the recent years. And for a reason. It’s fresh, it’s light. It uses a large diversity of fresh ingredients. Basically everything you would look for in today’s kitchen.

One way or the other I haven’t eaten Peruvian food very often. So it was great to do a little catch-up. Being in London I got the chance to dine at both Ceviche Old Street and Andina. Two respected restaurants created by Martin Morales. Both diners starting with a sea bass Ceviche, however with a different marinade.

Ceviche is also taking on in non-Peruvian restaurants, this week it was also on the menu at Bruno Loubet’s Grain Store

Martin Morales was the man who made Peruvian food popular in London. After a career switch from the music industry (he was European head of Apple’s iTunes) he started Ceviche in Soho. And by now there are 4 restaurants in Soho and Shoreditch.

I have become fond of Ceviche this week. And as I was able to pick up the book of Martin Morales (as he was in the restaurant that day, he signed it for me) there will also be a number of attempts to make it at home. And there’s a Peruvian restaurant now in Rotterdam too (Ceviche Y Maas) so will definitely try that too.

Basically ceviche is the freshest fish you can get, marinated for a few minutes in Tiger’s Milk, a marinade of green lemon, chili, ginger and sometimes other ingredients like orange.

And just to make sure. Peruvian food is not limited to Ceviche. There are loads of other great dishes. And fantastic cocktails like Pisco Sour. But more about that later.


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