Alternative shopping at LX Factory - @hvandenbergh
An abandoned factory turned into a great shopping experience
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Alternative shopping at LX Factory

Changing abandoned industrial areas into areas for shopping and recreation is a trend you see in a lot of big cities. LX Factory in Lisbon is a good example of an area that has been re-used in a great way. And a nice place for Lisbon shopping.

With a number of nice restaurants, a good coffee bar and a number of interesting shops this is definitely worth the visit. There’s a beautiful bookshop in a former printing office that on its own is worth the visit.

For a good coffee go to Wish Slow Coffee House, and for the lunch I can definitely advise 1300 Taberna.

LX Factory is just outside the center of Lisbon, and easy to reach by bus, tram taxi (or Uber, as this is also available in Lisbon) We noticed during the morning it was very quiet, it’s during lunchtime things get a bit more busy.


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