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The principality of Seborga

You might be familiar with some of the very small countries in Europe, like Monaco, Andorra or Liechtenstein. But you might not have heard of Seborga, a principality that’s surrounded by Italy.

Although technically a comune of Italy, it has claimed independence since 1963, based on old documents saying that the sell to the Savoy dynasty in 1729 was not registered properly. So it’s still independent.

It has a prince, Marcello I who is ruling since  2010. And their own currency (even though you can use the Euro) as well as passports and a border. However the day we visited Seborga the border was not manned.

Seborga is small, in an hour you can see the whole country (including having a cappuccino or something to eat) but it’s fun to see. And tourism might play a role in keeping up the independence claims.

The Wikipedia entry gives a good background on the history.


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