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Street Art in Rotterdam

There is a good portion of streetart in Rotterdam, and some very interesting works. Given the ‘rough edges’ of Rotterdam you would expect a lot of places with streetart. But apparantly the city hasn’t appointed much places where streetart is allowed. So do not expect a London, Paris or Berlin type of experience.

There’s a group in Rotterdam called Rewriters who are working hard to raise the streetart level in Rotterdam. Their aim is to create more areas where streetart can be created.

Most of the streetart you will find in the are around the “Witte de With straat” area, but there are also some nice work in the north area of the center.

Rewriters has created an app for IOS and Android with a streetart route in Rotterdam. I haven’t walked the route yet with the app, but looking at it I would certainly suggest to use it, or do a streetart tour by the same rewriters.


Work by Ozon at the Heer Bokelweg in the north of the center,



Work by Ramon Martins at Kromme Elleboog,  just off Witte de Withstraat.



Mr. Merida by Tymon on the corner of Witte de Withstraat & Eendrachtsstraat.



Tymon & Robert Rost (also corner Witte de Withstraat/Eendrachtsstraat)



The skyline of Rotterdam by Lastplak & friends at Baan. Lastplak is a crew of artists from the Rotterdam area.




The Last Examination by Bier & Brood.



Shutter just off Witte de Withstraat


IMG_8817 IMG_8816

Street-art of Boat-art? The Monster of Rotterdam by Vinz & Dopie



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