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Mowgli streetfood

A restaurant serving Indian streetfood. Streetfood similar to what you get in the stalls in New Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else in India. That was the dream of Nisha Katone, a one time barrister from the UK that gave up her profession to follow that dream.

The result is Mowgli, a fantastic restaurant that’s now in Liverpool and Manchester. I visited the Manchester branch, and am absolutely sold. A great choice of real Indian dishes. The type of restaurant I would visit very often when I would have it in my city. Unfortunately there are no plans for Netherlands, but  I understood 2017 will bring them to London. Which would allow me to visit it regularly.

In their Manchester restaurant I had the Fenugreek fries, Bhel Phuri and their paneer dish. If you can’t chose, you can take one of the tiffins, 4 dishes chosen for you by the chef.

You can see the full menu here and if you want to hear more from Nisha, have a look at here Youtube channel, with some very interesting dishes to cook at home. She has published a book called “Pimp my Rice” and rumour has a Mowgli cookbook is in the make.


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