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Fenix Food Factory

Rotterdam, the 2nd largest city of the The Netherlands is known for the rough edges. Still one of the biggest ports in the world, things are a bit less sophisticated than in other cities. And that’s what I definitely like about Rotterdam. The market area Fenix Food Factory is a good example of this.

Today Rotterdam has some very sophisticated places like “Markthal”, “Central Station” and “De Rotterdam”. But luckily there is still room for alternatives.

The Fenix Food Factory can be found in some old industrial buildings on the south side of the river Maas. The area used to be the red light district of Rotterdam, but nowadays it’s a trendy neighbourhood where both hipsters and young families with kids live.

In the Fenix Food Factory you can find an artisanal baker, a cheese shop, locally grown vegetables, a coffee roaster and a beer brewery. But also a cider shop and some very nice food stalls. It’s a great place to combine lunch with shopping for dinner.

There’s a lot of restructuring going on in the area, so I don’t know how long the Fenix Food Factory will be there. When in Rotterdam, check the opening hours, and visit them before it’s gone.

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