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Blogger @hvandenbergh writing about Food, Travel & Streetrt
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My name is Harry van den Bergh. I am father of 3 kids and my wife and I live in The Netherlands. I work at SUSE the open source software company. My role is to help SUSE alliance partners across Europe, Middle-East & Africa to be successful in open source software.


This blog is about my personal interests.


I love good food. In restaurants or cooked by myself. I like food markets, fresh vegetables, local products. But also restaurants that dare to go beyond a steak or burger. And make something special. I love to cook at home. Grilling on my Big Green Egg, making my own bread or ice-cream and entertaining our family and guests with nice dinners. Although I wouldn’t call myself a health freak, I do prefer vegs to meat. I like to eat by Michael Pollan’s motto: “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants’


Streetart fascinates me. The fact that some great works of art can disappear after months, or even days makes it more special to me than regular art. Making pictures of it is the only way to retain the memory of these works. So you will find quit some streetart pics.


Travel. If there were no limits to time & money in my life, the one thing I would do more is travel. Travelling opens your mind and connects you to the world. Travel is the only way spending money makes you richer.


All pictures are made by me. All opinions are my own. None of the content on this blog is being paid for.


If you have any thoughts on what I write, please comment to the posts, drop me an email, or contact me via Twitter. I am open to have the conversation.


If you want to see more of me follow @hvandenbergh on Twitter or Instagram, or @hvandenbergh1 on Snapchat. Below you will find some more links.