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Huawei and SUSE announce #SLES as the preferred standard #OS for Huawei's KunLun RAS 2.0. https://t.co/P7MoNDsNLn #huawei #suse https://t.co/UFrKzIhHm7
TransferWise launches ‘Borderless’ account for businesses, sole traders and freelancers https://t.co/Otv8bJnWzh https://t.co/8zX8Qik089
China's Millennials: Consumer Superpower https://t.co/MUwBFKJs7E https://t.co/uyKFtC9vke
Congrats to the SUSE #Storage team on winning Data Centre ICT #SDS product of the year! https://t.co/CmiK1aDa5W https://t.co/2o0aORx6sG
Played it a few times this weekend: The Chainsmokers Are the Second Ever to Reach 1 Billion Streams on Spotify https://t.co/05rXzvYC7G https://t.co/Ku6Z2NM6LO
Developmental psychologists: Trump isn’t a child. Children behave better. https://t.co/RVRZUt8tRS https://t.co/nXQKXL0kPO
First some @Headspace Then a nice run. Now enjoying the sunshine in the garden. Happy Sunday! https://t.co/0A5EctRUJt
Can't stop watching. Amazing GIF on how the continents were formed https://t.co/2LKz3hSwfo https://t.co/FU1O7vNXrf
Indian great-grandmother is YouTube star with cooking video #mastanamma #grannywisedom https://t.co/5L9mfMFGfu https://t.co/2E561QwGRP
Judge rules emoji are proof of intent https://t.co/ZRAl7tJuiF https://t.co/8aCJ84ULWb
Etherum price above $100 Rising even faster than Bitcoin #ethereum #bitcoin #eth #btc https://t.co/j8yKCD4k7L
Does It Pay to Hire Consultants? It helps improve performance. But don't hire them when you aim to be outstanding https://t.co/DTd7QsuxtJ https://t.co/RCXvvO3mb1
RT @rssfed23: Register now for the free @SUSE Container as a Service Tour - https://t.co/Ry81TE3Faq - and find out how to use our new #Kube…